Monday, February 4, 2013

Macaroni and Tomato Sauce or "Zombies"

My Dad grew up eating this.  I think it's because it was a cheap way to feed 6 boys after they worked all day on the farm.  But Grandma knew what she was doing, because I grew up eating this too.  And I've never worked on a farm.  Now that I have kids, this has become a regular at our house.

I'll admit, it's a little weird and plain, but the taste is satisfying and it hits the spot.

I'm not totally sure why, but my boys started calling it "Zombies"  So you can call it "Macaroni and Tomato Sauce" (because that's what I called it growing up)  or you can call it "Zombies"

*Now try to follow this: My husband's little sister is best friends with my cousin's daughter.  My cousin's father is my Uncle, who also grew up on that same farm eating Macaroni and Tomato Sauce with his 5 brothers.  After we'd been married a few years, I spotted my sister-in-law making herself Macaroni and Tomato Sauce for lunch one day.  "What's that?!"  I said.  She had been eating this with her best friend (My cousin's daughter) for years!  (although she adds hot dogs to it....).  Looks like my Uncle passed on the yumminess of this meal to his kids, who passed it on to theirs...who passed it onto their friends! Whoa.

Macaroni and Tomato Sauce or "Zombies" 


1 lb macaroni, cooked, drained
2-3 15 oz cans of tomato sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste

Add sauce to cooked noodles.  Stir.  Season with some salt and pepper and eat with a slice of buttered bread.

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  1. We make this, but add browned beef and sweet corn.