Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chicken Salad

When I was growing up, a friend of my mom would bring over chicken salad occasionally.  It was basically canned chicken, mayo, poultry seasoning and some celery.  I devored it everytime she brought it over.  So I always knew I liked "chicken salad"  

It wasn't until I was older and started going to my friends' baby showers, that I learned Chicken Salad is not the basic meal I had devoured as a kid.  Chicken Salad is a meal that can take on many different personalities with many different ingredients.  Even though no one has ever repeated the chicken salad recipe my mom's friend made, I have yet to find a Chicken Salad that I don't like!

I especially liked this recipe because of the cashews and cucumbers.  The salty nuts mixed with the cool crisp cucumbers....(MmMmm!)  And adding a pita instead of plain white bread gives it a fresh new approach.  

So good!

Chicken Salad Pitas


1/2 cup mayo
1/4 sour cream
2 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 ginger

2 cups cubed chicken, cooked
1 cup red grapes, halved
1/2 cup cashews
1/2 cup dice cucumbers
pita pockets
Romaine lettuce


In a medium bowl, mix all the dressing ingredients together.  Fold in the chicken, grapes, cashews and cucumbers. 

Stuff each pita wiht a leaf of lettuce and the salad. 

Thank you Family Favorite Recipes cookbook!

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