Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bean Dip

This bean dip recipe is a masterpiece. The magic is in the ingredients we add to the dip.  It is so simple and delicious.  The dip is beany, cheesy, the chips are crunchy and it truly warms my heart to eat it.  

My family has enjoyed this dip since my parents were newlyweds.  Their love of this snack has become a favorite for all members of the family.  

Now, in my own family, it's a snack we enjoy almost weekly. Yum!

Bean Dip


1 can of Fritos Bean Dip (we like original, but you can try the HOT version too.  It's also delicious!)
1 slice of chedder cheese
a few shakes of Worcestershire Sauce

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and microwave for about 2 minutes (until the cheese is melted)  Stir to combine and serve with Fritos Corn Chips. 

*I also like to eat it with a warm tortilla.  


  1. I've learned to put a scoop or two of sour cream into this. It makes it a little lighter and stretches the bean dip that much more! Yum!

  2. You posted this for Jon since he called while you were down here asking how to do it. :)